Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cincinnati's new accessory boutique... On wheels

Over the last year, I have been working to create a business to Cincinnati that focuses on a few major  concepts. 1) to bring a new experience to fashion minded shoppers 2) to offer only handmade items, and 3) to give back to the community. After hours of planning and testing markets over the past year, I've come up with a business plan that I'm very excited about: A mobile boutique! That is, a boutique on wheels, offering handcrafted items for the fashionista. 

The truck will be a walk in shop, that travels around the city for events, to college campuses, business complexes, and even to homes for private parties. Women will find quality items that are beautiful and unique- and how exciting to own a one of a kind item? The greatest thing about he truck is it will help local artists get their work out to the community, and provide an extra source of income for them. In addition, a portion of each sale will be donated towards local artisan projects and support the art community. 

So, how can you help? Right now I am in the process of creating a video about my business and setting up a kickstarter campaign. The start up costs for a truck, vehicle wrap and interior redesign can cost anywhere between 15-20k. My kickstarter campaign is coming soon- and I need to get the word out to as many people as possible! My campaign will feature a unique line of designs for contributors, as well as other very cool contribution gifts.

I'm also looking for local artists/crafters who create unique accessories, such as infinity scarves, handpainted purses, lace headbands and wedding accessories. I would like to start carrying some new vendor items to test out at shows this spring! 

 Please help me in spreading the word about my dream of opening up my mobile boutique this fall!

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