Sunday, November 24, 2013

Giving back, and you can help!

had the wonderful opportunity a few weeks ago to volunteer at a local homeless shelter. The group I volunteered with is called the "Needs-n-Dreams Foundation" and they provide hope and basic needs for children in need, especially in homeless shelters in the Cincinnati area. 

A group of us helped to host a birthday party for the kids and provided snacks, games, a birthday cake and of course gifts for each child. Many time things like birthday  parties are often taken for granted, as many of us have an overwhelmingly amount of love and support in our lives.

Just last week, I participated in a fundraiser event for the "Needs-n-Dreams Foundation" and was able to hear more about the goals of this organization, and their desire to plant seeds of hope in young lives in the community. What a beautiful thing to plant seeds of hope in young lives and share with them that they can be whatever they would like to be when they grow up. That they can go to college, and become successful. Sometimes children are just missing that encouraging voice in their life.

This Christmas, I will once again have the opportunity to volunteer at one of our local shelters, and provide gifts and bring a party to the children there. Something that I truly hope brings a light to them and provides a warm memory that they will be able to look back at. Something that will bring them hope in their life. Oftentimes children remember things that are said to them and any inspiration that we can be to a little one may turn into a life change or be the motivating force behind breaking the cycle of poverty later in their lifetime. 

How you can help

Through Friday, December 15th, $1 from every Jewelry by Samantha item will go directly towards helping to host a Christmas party at a local homeless shelter this Christmas. Your purchases will directly help to impact on a child's life, and support a local non profit, the "Needs-n-Dreams Foundation" to continue to give hope to children in need.

This Thanksgiving, take the time to be grateful for what you have- but also take a moment to think about those, even in your own community that may not have a home, basic needs, a stable environment or someone to love and encourage them. Always remember those that are less fortunate, and take time to give back this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving,


*For more about the Needs-n-Dreams foundation, visit